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Enterprise level IT contracting/consulting at a small business price!

Have you ever wanted a custom application built but been afraid of what it would cost?   Does your company web site need a work-over but you just can't bring yourself to pay corporate prices?   Maybe you've always had network issues but the local computer shop doesn't seem to be able to put it right.   Security concerns on your network (Just WHY does your computer slow down so much)?  Do you want easy to deploy desktop machines?

Many people can relate to these statements.  Why are computer services just so expensive when technology is getting cheaper?

The prime cause is the overheads of the companies the consultants/contractors work for.  While consulting/contracting companies have their place, they come with an overhead you may not need.  Why not hire the contractor direct & save on all the hidden fees?

Hire the consultant direct.

I am currently available to take on contracts for your company.  With experience in companies ranging from SMEs to Mulitnational corporations (30000+ employees), you can be certain that I can handle your work.  Concerned your job may be too small?  Please rest assured that I enjoy the variety of all size of company.  To feel secure in your choice, I have provided samples of my work here

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